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‘I Was The One Running’: 6th Grader With Cerebral Palsy Makes A Football Play In Detroit Lakes, Video Goes Viral

Minneapolis (WCCO) – This story will make you smile What started out as a middle school football game is now taking a viral video media turn.

Sixth-grader Kali Hanna doesn’t have cerebral palsy, and she’s been in a wheelchair for as long as she can remember, she said. But last week, that is, not holding his back.

But the kids’ biggest vacation wanted to make sure Hannah would be included. When he set up, his schoolmates had passed him the ball, he suddenly wanted to run. Katie Master Egger I rip and distribute online.

“The QB for me, I was the one running. He gave me the ball and then tried to bully the other team into not hitting,” Hannah said.

Since Friday, the scene must have been viewed more than a million times on WCCO’s Facebook page.

He’s been caught on tape favoring Minnesota and the Stars’ hearts, WR Thielen.

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