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Google might replace the At A Glance widget with something better in Android 12

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Android 12 is full of big and small changes. Extensive visual change with Material You on new privacy tools to help protect user data. As Google continues to evolve its phone lineup, some of these changes only apply to Pixel devices. The Glance widget is a familiar look to anyone with a Pixel phone, but as part of Android 12. Rebranding and evolution may be required.

Google’s contextual widget may be renamed “LiveSpace” when the latest version of Android is released later this year. People 9to5Google enabled a Live Spaces menu in the Google Assistant settings that replaces the look widget with something more powerful. The list of new options is much better, but there is only one new option hidden in the list. This is the “In Store” toggle, which shows the shopping list and reward cards stored in your Pay account. There’s also a mysterious headphone toggle, but without a title, you have no idea what it can actually do.

Left: Current sketch settings. Center, right: New Livespace setup.

Thanks to the inclusion of “On a Store”, you can also get a preview of the new look of the live space. Discover Google’s design video for Android 12 A glimpse of the Material U-themed widget with shopping list and loyalty card options. There’s no guarantee that the final version will look like this, but it matches the look and feel of Android 12.

Shopping lists could be the start of a major expansion to Google’s home screen widget, according to reports. LiveSpace can eventually display everything from stocks and sports scores to sleep results and driving mode shortcuts. This could be another feature for the Pixel, but like its predecessor at a glance, there’s always a chance it could make its way to other devices in a semi-limited way.

This latest Assistant feature is in the latest beta of the Google app, but it hasn’t appeared yet because it’s tied to Android 12. You can still download the latest version from here. APK Mirror.

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