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Google is offering free Nest Thermostat Power Connectors for a limited time

Many people like me do not have the so-called common or “C wire” in their home HVAC wiring. This is a complicated way of saying that there is no way for a smart thermostat to receive constant power other than the wires that control the equipment. The battery in the thermostat or non-rechargeable models like the New Nest Thermostat is dying faster than expected.

It’s pretty unpleasant to deal with, to be honest, but thankfully Google has released a new Nest Power Connector that you can install yourself to fix the problem.

The Nest Power Connector is a boring looking plastic dongle with 5 wires sticking out that you wire between the Nest thermostat and the brazier or AC unit. Works with a variety of HVAC system configurations including heating only, cooling only, or both, compatible with 24VAC systems only, and no millivolt or high voltage support. They should Covers most home solutions, but not everyone has C-wire problems.

Setup procedures Relatively In 9 easy steps, if you want to get a little stuck in the basement, turn off the circuit breaker and move a few wires. You can also opt for professional installation if you prefer. It can still be cheaper than running new wiring for each thermostat, and Google recommends it over installing your own.

It may sound complicated, but the effect is simple. The Nest Power Connector allows the Nest Thermostat to provide continuous power and stay charged without the need for an actual Common/C wire inside the wall.

Nest Power Connectors can be pre-ordered here: Google Store It’s currently only $25, and is comparable to other popular C-wire add-on solutions. Venstar ACC0410 Add-A-Wire.

Free Nest Power Connectors

Check your email if Google finds a power issue with your Nest Thermostat. 9to5Google) You can get the newly introduced power connector for free. This offer is valid only till 7th July or while stocks last.

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