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Home » Google extends Material You’s dynamic app icon themes to more of its apps in Android 12 Beta 3

Google extends Material You’s dynamic app icon themes to more of its apps in Android 12 Beta 3

Android 12 beta 2 introduced black and white icons for Google apps for the first time, based on the wallpaper color, just like other interface elements. Material U or Monet. Beta 3 expands on these features. This is the first Android 12 release to introduce a user-facing toggle to turn these theme icons on or off. I Wallpaper and style app, and we’re adding a lot more Google apps to our list of supported icons.

As reported by the app developers. kdrag0n And The queen wanted., Beta 2 had a hidden flag that allowed you to theme multiple app icons to match the colors extracted from the wallpaper in Android 12 Beta 2. This list is reserved for things like messages, phones, and photos that are only (yet). Available in the Google app. But it was also themed in Beta 3.

Credits: The queen wanted. (left), kdrag0n (middle and right)

In the example above, you can see that the app is upside down in dark mode, while in light mode it adds an accent color background and a black icon. This monochromatic look is a quiet, elegant, understated design that’s almost the exact opposite of Google’s recent push. Candy colored app icon.

Based on evidence collected by Quinn, it appears that the list of compatible apps is currently hard-coded into the Pixel Launcher. Support may initially be limited to Google apps only, but it looks like the company is going all out to expand support for third-party apps. The developer Dylan Russell We have already implemented theme support for the pre-release version of the Device Information app. Inware.

left: Almost all apps are supported. Middle: There are no themes in the app drawer. Rights: Toggle on the Wallpaper app.

Covered by Mishal Rehman of XDA, Pixel Launcher expands the list of supported app icons in beta 3 and finally you can turn themed icons on or off via a toggle in the desktop app. Not all Google apps are supported, such as Stadia and the legacy Google Pay app (still the only version available in many parts of the world). For some reason, the theme icon doesn’t go to the app launcher, instead you can find the regular app icon. It is not known if this is intentional or a bug.

We initially assumed that companies would want these themed icons to be used in places other than the launcher, such as the notification window or the recents screen, but given that desktop-based icons are now visible to the user have been and are active on the launcher, this is It’s almost safe to assume that’s where Google plans to use it. We hope that…

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