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Google Contacts brings its trash folder to Android

Some of us are better at keeping our contact list clean than others (yes, what (I still have a count of all my old high school friends I haven’t seen in years). Deleting old items is a good habit but no one wants to accidentally delete important information. That’s why Google last year added a Trash folder to its web address book, a tool that only helps when mobile support is missing. At least this one was The Contacts app seems to have adopted this feature relatively recently.

It’s been less than a year since Google implemented the Recycle Bin in its desktop web app, which prevents accidental deletion of contacts, at the time we knew the feature wasn’t available on smartphones. But contacts deleted from mobile can be accessed and saved on the web. . Between February and today, Google officially trashed the app, and Android users lost their phone numbers and email addresses forever after 30 days of retrieving them.

They say it is unclear when this happened, as it has not been officially announced. What we can do A cached version of the support site from February Current status of deleted contacts, now includes instructions on how to use the trash folder. Despite Google’s lack of fanfare, we can confirm that it’s currently live on Android.

When a contact is deleted, it can be recovered or permanently deleted by moving it from the main list to the recycle bin of all devices. It’s nice to know that Google has extended this option to Android where most users actually organize and manage their phone numbers. So, if you’ve ever gone through the heartbreak and agony of accidentally deleting important contacts, it’s good to know that you’ll never feel that pain again.

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