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Home » Girl Discovers Perfectly Preserved 1950s Diner in Middle of the Woods

Girl Discovers Perfectly Preserved 1950s Diner in Middle of the Woods

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A 15-year-old girl from Orlando, Florida, named Rylee, caused a stir with two TikTok videos and an adventure story that has some people talking.

In September, he posted a video of a 1950s diner and a Texaco gas station he allegedly saw near a vacation rental he and his family were staying at somewhere in Tennessee.

“I was walking in the mountains in the middle of nowhere and I saw an old abandoned restaurant/gas station,” captioned the TikTok video. He captioned the video “I hope I don’t get killed!”

In a stunning setting, the building looks surprisingly well maintained. The interior looks frozen in time, with red and white booths and tables adorned with red-checked tablecloths, vintage coke machines and other period furniture.

“We all admired the beauty of the house, the decor and the surroundings,” Riley said, according to The Mirror. “It was very mysterious and very beautiful at the time. “At first, I just videotaped the building and the surrounding areas. We couldn’t go in, so I tried to shoot the whole place.

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“I uploaded the videos to TikTok, because I wanted to remember the moment for myself, but also let others bask in its beauty.

@babyteef101 I hope I don’t get killed! #50sdiner #fyp #chainsawmassacre♬ Tonight You Belong To Me – Patience and Prudence

“I just did it for fun and I wanted to show it to my friends. I really did Hindi Imagine that going viral! When I woke up and saw how many people liked the video, I couldn’t believe it. “

The video has over 3.4 million views, and many people have enjoyed going back in time. The clip got a lot of traffic so Rylee posted an update with more footage.

According to The Mirror, she said, “I tried to show the incredible details – the entrance, the old signs and decorations, as well as close-ups of the pond and the old windmill in front of the house.”

“I’m so thankful for how far the video has come. So many people have seen and enjoyed something so cool, because it’s so hidden and far away, they’d never get around to it.

“I’m glad I was able to share it with so many people, and hope viewers appreciate this incredible legacy. There’s so much beauty in the world; you just have to look around and find it!” “

@babyteef101 Reply @bluu.squeaks part two for everyone who asked! Also, the lady owner of the house where we were staying allowed us to go here. ## fyp ## 50s♬ Tonight You Belong To Me – Patience and Prudence


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Many call it unattractive, saying the building and grounds are carefully kept “anabandoned”. Some wondered if the location was part of a film set, but the teenager denied such claims.

“Guys, I’m now living in a house in another state and the tenants told us there was an abandoned building…

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