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Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya: Changes to elemental skill, burst, banner details, and more

Yoimiya, a 5-star character, is expected to debut in Genshin Impact soon, with a new leak showing the settings in his kit.

Along with Ayak, Yoimiya’s banner is predicted to arrive in the next update. Players can safely expect Yoimiya to be a Pyro port user in Genshin Impact. Due to the leaked version 2.0 beta, players now have an idea of ​​how likely they are to play Yoimiye.

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Genshin Impact changes Yoimiya’s initial skill to beta.

Dumbreath, the popular Genshin Impact Laker, recently revealed a change to Yoimiya’s Elementary Skill in version 2.0.

Based on the video, Yoimiya’s elementary skills animation is now shorter. Genshin Impact has apparently removed Yoimiya’s spinning motion, as she now only swings the bow with a mowing motion. Since the animation duration is now reduced, the effect of the ability can be triggered before pressing the skill key.

News of this tuning came shortly after beta testers discovered another change to Yoimiya’s elementary skill. A timeout for this ability was originally stated as 20 seconds, but the beta patch apparently reduced it to 18.

The effect of Yoimiya’s initial skill, “Teika Fire-Dance”, turns his normal damage on attack into pyro damage over 10 seconds. They will fire “flaming arrows” that deal more damage.

However, this ability takes away Yoimiyine Kindling Arrow. Joimi’s charged attacks, when held long enough, usually create additional arrows that target enemies for Pyro damage.

While Kindling Arrows are not available for the duration of his initial skill, charged attacks are not recommended here. Yoimiya players should focus on normal attacks during their initial mastery, dealing better damage and imposing enemies on Pyrroom.

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Yoimiyin burst element in Genshin influence

Thanks to the leak, videos of Yoimiy showing off Elemental Burst have also surfaced. The current animation shows Yoimiya jumping in the air with fireworks.

Yoimiya’s ultimate ability, “Ryukin Saxifrage” deals AoE Pyro damage and marks the enemy with Aurous Blaze for 10 seconds. Any targeted enemies other than Yoimi will detonate. Since Yoimiya can’t activate alone…

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