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Genshin Impact leaks: Upcoming PvP event “Windtrace” explained

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Genshin Impact is planning many events for the future, and the new Windtrace event may be the first to include PvP.

The user leaked the episode on Twitter and it seems to provide content that is unlike anything posted so far. Genshin Impact players will definitely have something to look forward to with this event, so here’s everything we know about “Wind Trace” so far.

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Wind trace event in Genshin impact

The upcoming Wind Trace event on Genshin Impact seems to be quite complex and involves a lot of multiplayer action. The gameplay seems similar to the popular game Hide and Seek, as players will split into teams and disguise themselves in the environment using Windward Arts or use Arts of the Hunter to track down hidden players.

Players will also compete for “services” that spawn at various locations on the map, and collecting enough of them will allow them to use “secret favors” – an ability that changes the course of events. will give

A brief glimpse of Wind Trace's capabilities (photo by Celestia Project)
A brief glimpse of Wind Trace’s capabilities (photo by Celestia Project)

Players will use new abilities, similar to other events, albeit expanded. Hunters will be able to use abilities that detect hide and seek, like using Elementary Sight to find hidden chests in a basic game. Concealers will gain more interesting abilities, be able to disguise themselves in their surroundings, lay traps or disappear entirely. Players will need to use these skills to succeed in the event.

What rewards will players receive from Wind Trace?

As they complete an event, players can purchase Windtrace Coins which can be used to purchase rewards from the event store, as is common in Genshin Impact events. Due to this event appearing in Upgrade 1.5, it is likely that furniture for player housing will be available through the Wind Trace Store. Other possible inclusions are Primogems and Talent Books.

Players must take advantage of this event to earn rewards, as each player can earn a limited amount of Windtrace Coins.

The upcoming Windtrace event in Genshin Impact definitely shakes up the event-specific gameplay and provides a fun experience for players.

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Posted on April 9, 2021, 12:01 AM IST


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