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Home » Genshin Impact leaks reveal Ayato and Yae’s skill names from early development stage

Genshin Impact leaks reveal Ayato and Yae’s skill names from early development stage

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Kamisato Ayato i Yae Miko are two of the most anticipated characters of Genshin Impact.

A lot of information about these characters has been leaked in the last few months. However, a piece of information has recently been revealed that gives information about the names of the characters’ skills.

[Datamined, but UNVERIFIED] Possible Yae + Ayato crumb kit, thanks @dibreath. Republishing as smoke was disabled again shortly after publication. (1/2)

Yae Miko should be a user of Electro Catalysts, while Kamisato Ayato leans towards Hydro Claymore. While the names of the skills don’t confirm the weapon types, the characters usage can be inferred from that.

The names of Ayato and Yae’s skills lack insight into the characters’ utility in Genshin Impact

Ayato and Yae are two of the most sought after characters in the Genshin Impact community. However, so far, Yae Miko has only been featured in the story, while Ayato has only had a few mentions in the characters’ dialogues.

Also, nothing is official about the characters at the moment. Everything starting with the weapon type as well as the characters use is still a mystery. The element of Yae is known as Electro because it has vision.

However, it is said that Ayato has a hydro element. Also, there were very vague explanations of how these two characters function in the game.

It seems that the girls who were responsible for the previous discoveries have now taken out the names of both characters’ skills. It is important to remember that the names of these skills are interchangeable and it is often impossible to deduce their use.

Ayato and Yamiko's skill leak (Image via Reddit)
Ayato and Yamiko’s skill leak (Image via Reddit)

Therefore, all information about their functionality will always remain assumptions until they are officially revealed to the public by miHoYo. However, as it turns out, Yae Miko really looks like a damage dealer given the names of her skills.

He has a skill called “Fox Tower” that apparently lands in three towers and then explodes, dealing a lot of damage. Also, his skill “Elder Brain” seems like a very powerful skill, although its usage is unknown.

In Ayato’s case, his skill names make him sound like someone who would buff a team in Genshin Impact. In other words, he is either a supporter or a supporter. This is because he has more skills named “Buff”, “Weapon Buff” and “Modifier”.

In addition, information has been leaked that suggests that it should strengthen the entire team’s power. Therefore, this skill is probably the fans of the whole party, although there is little information about its function.

For now, these are all just rumors and Jinshin…

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