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Genshin Impact leaks: Is Inazuma coming in version 1.7?

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In Genshin Impact the travelers find the people of Mondstadt and Liyue, and Inazuma is next on the list.

Genshin Impact players have been waiting months for Anazoom, and the wait seems to be almost over. Players will soon explore the Electronation and likely complete the Traveler’s goal of encountering the Electroarchon.

While the roadmap for the main story content in Anazuma is still unclear, leaks hinted at when the nation will emerge and how the characters will find it.

abandonment: This article will display information from the recent search “Autumn winds, crimson leaves”. Leaked information may also contain potential error, though this should be taken with some skepticism.

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Inazuma’s education is revealed in the story of Genshin Impact.

Kazuha described Anazuma and Electro-Arvanta (photo by Lever GG)
Kazuha described Anazuma and Electro-Arvanta (photo by Lever GG)

Travelers learn a few things about Anazuma just by completing some important tasks. For the main character Genshin Impact, the question of Anazuma at the moment is that it is a closed nation.

Travelers have to go to Anazuma, but a strict policy prevents people from entering or leaving.

Furthermore, the Electro-Archon, Baal, directly rules Anazome under the title of Raiden Shogun, which is very different from the way Vanity and Zongli reach their hands.

The Archon also imposes an edict on vision quests, and persecutes those who hold primal visions, such as Kazuha. Its purpose is to project all visions into the Anazumi statue of the thousand-armed, stoic eyes.

Zhongli describes Baal.
Zhongli explained the purpose of the ball (photo by Owen K Gaming).

The exact reason why the Electro-Archon became a Tyrant, or so it seems, is currently unknown. It is known that she was not among the original seven winners of the Arhunt War. However, players will have to wait for a more comprehensive past to understand this.

Based on the quest “Autumn Winds, Red Leaves”, it seems certain that Beido and Kazuha will help the traveler reach Anazuma. The journey, as Kazuha mentioned, would be treacherous. Winds and rain, symbolic of Baal’s desire to keep the nation locked up, would add danger to Anazom’s journey.

Beidou helps travelers get to Inazuma (Photo by LyurGG)
Beidou helps travelers get to Inazuma (Photo by LyurGG)

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When will Anazuma be released in Genshin Impact?

Following speculation, Genshin Impact will release Inazuma from July 20th to 21st with an update to 1.7. Of course, the Genshin Impact team may decide to release Inazuma a little later during the six weeks of version 1.7.

The game developers have not confirmed with certainty that Inazuma will be in the next version, although the main story has hinted that it will be released very soon. Additionally, Genshin Impact leaks have hinted at an abundance of Inazum-related content expected for the next patch.

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