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Home » Genshin Impact leaks: Ayaka buffs, Sayu character details and more

Genshin Impact leaks: Ayaka buffs, Sayu character details and more

The Genshin Impact leak has revealed new information about some of Inazuma’s upcoming characters, including Ayake Kamisato’s fans.

Ayaka Genshin is one of Impact’s most anticipated characters, and according to previous leaks, he will be releasing it before his birthday in September 2021.

These fans may mean that they may release earlier than expected. Players can also read about Say, the anticipated character of Inazuma Anemo Claymore, which has already been leaked. With Inazuma on the horizon, players won’t have to wait long.

What are Ayaka’s new fans in Genshin Impact:

Ayaka Kamisato has gained a lot of fans in the beta version of Genshin Impact giving her an advantage over the characters released so far. Previously, Ayak’s climb status was Curve Damage, which increased to 28.8% at level 90. Now, with a recent change, this will increase to 38.4% of Crit damage.

This is a huge payoff, as Critical Damage is one of the most valuable stats in Genshin Impact, especially for a Crew character. This speed could take Ayako to higher levels, as it is currently unknown how strong the character will be when placed on an incredibly strong 5 star like Ganyu or Klee.

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Players are also speculating that these fans mean Ayaka will be released sooner than expected. Previously, characters like Xiao and Eule received favorites during the beta and were then released during the next update.

If so, Ayaka may release Genshin Impact Patch 1.7, which will be a big surprise for players. It is still uncertain, but there is a good chance it will happen.

Save in Ginseng Impact:

Sue is a leaked Animo Claymore character that seems to be coming from Anazuma, and players can meet her soon. It uses the child body type, which is currently not comparable to the Claymore weapon, so it should have very interesting attacks and animations.

Not much is known about the character at this time, but he seems to be inspired by both ninja and tanuki. Tanuki are Japanese raccoon dogs known in folklore as tricksters, and Seo can bring that style of play to her abilities.

Ayaka has already mentioned Saya, and it’s reported to be a 4-star character, so it’s possible she’ll appear on Ayaka’s banner as well. Players will have to wait for more information about this exciting character.

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Inazuma will bring a lot to Genshin Impact, and players won’t have to wait long for more information about this long-awaited area. With the Archipelago Islands soon to be upgraded, players will finally be able to take the first step towards Anazuma.

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