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Genshin Impact fans are unhappy with Yoimiya banner releasing on Amber’s birthday

After a few weeks of waiting, Yoimiya finally arrived on Genshin Impact with Phase 2 Update 2.0. Interestingly, the Golden Flame Tapestry banner received mixed reactions from players around the world.

Yoimiye’s arrival is definitely a great moment for many players. However, according to the story of Genshin Impact, August 10 is also Amber’s birthday. As a result, some fans were disappointed by miHoY’s ignorance of Mondstadt’s sliding champion.

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Amber in Ganshen Impact (Image via Ganshen Impact)

Genshin Impact congratulated Amber on Twitter.

Shortly after the official announcement regarding the Golden Flame Tapestry, Genshin Impact took to Twitter to congratulate Amber.

Along with Kaya and Lisa, Amber is one of the first characters that players get for free in Genshin Impact. He is a great character who wholeheartedly supports the traveler in the first days of his journey.

So, the Genshin Impact community expected a better celebration from miHoYo for Ember’s birthday.

Fans react to Yoimiya’s banner on Amber’s birthday.

It’s worth noting that Amber and Yumiya have the same kits in Genshin Impact. Both belong to the Pyro element and use Arcs.

Yoimiya looks like a replacement for Amber in the game, and announcing Yoimiya on Amber’s birthday was rude to many.

Here are some fan tweets that tell the story best:

The main reason behind this fan reaction is miHoYo’s inability to eliminate Amber. Even though it is a starting character, many players still want to make it. Unfortunately, the lack of miHoYo made Amber almost useless in Genshin Impact.

How good is the Yoimiya and Genshin effect?

As already mentioned, Yoimiya is considered a substitute for Amber. The Five Star Pyro character is undoubtedly a good main DPS, which is why he is also seen as the Pyro version of Ganio.

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