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Genshin Impact confirms Yun Jin and Shenhe’s weapon type and Elements

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Shina and Yoon Jin are two new characters revealed by Genshin Impact on their Twitter account.

Apart from the characters, they also discovered the type of weapons and the elements for them. Both of these characters will be part of patch update 2.4 which is expected on January 5, 2022.

“One has crossed many realms and made many disciples. Among them, Shenhe is the closest resemblance to himself. – Cloud Guard ◆ Shenhe ‧ The Lonely Transcendent ◆ Etheric Spirit in the Middle Realm of Death ◆ Kiryu ◆ Christa Dolores#JinshinImpact

Yoon Jin and Shina’s designs were leaked a few months ago. Since then, Genshin Impact players have been eagerly awaiting additional information about the two. MiHoYo recently confirmed everything about these characters.

Genshin Impact will release Yun Jin and Shenhe as gun users in January 2022.

Yoon Jin and Shina Gunshin will be the gun users in Impact. This means two more characters will be added to the already long list of characters based on the mast. Currently Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, Xiao, Hu Tao, Thoma, Xiangling and Rosaria are the weapon users in the game.

This means that the total number will be 10 with Shenhe and Yun Jin. While fans may claim that miHoYo spoofs many characters belonging to the same archetype, it cannot be denied that these characters are also among the best in the game.

“One performance of Yoon Jin in our teahouse is enough to keep us from opening for a whole month!” – Fan Ari from Hue Tea House ◆ Yoon Jin ‧ Stage Lucida ◆ Yoon Han Opera Troupe Current Director ◆ Jiu ◆ Opera Grandis#JinshinImpact

Currently, most gun users are high-end units and some of the best at what they do. Therefore, fans can expect Shenhe and Yun Jin to be on the same level. When it comes to their elements, Genshin Impact also listed them. Shina should be the user of the kryo element, and Yoon Jin will be the user of the geo element.

Yun Jin ‧ Stage Lucida Current Director of Yun Han Opera Troupe Yun Han is the director of the Opera Troupe, and is also a well-known figure in the Liu Harbor opera scene.#JinshinImpact

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