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Genshin Impact character constellations fitting Liyue Teleport waypoints could be more than a coincidence

Genshin Impact’s lore, narrative, and world design are incredibly complex, with intertwined literary allusions and actual religious inspiration around every corner.

A year after its launch, the Genshin Impact community is still discovering new secrets in the game, and some of this new information is so amazing that it can’t just be a coincidence.

Recently, Genshin Impact a player going for the objective emotional handle pointed out that some constellations of characters in the game fit perfectly into the waypoints of Teleport in Liyue.

By taking the constellations of characters and measuring them on the map without changing the original proportions, the player discovers that the pattern perfectly fits the locations of the teleport path. This sparked debate as to whether miHoYo consciously designed them or if it was just a coincidence that you don’t have to deal much with the Genshin Impact community.

The constellations of the Genshin Impact character fit perfectly into the locations of the Liyue teleport waypoint.

Although at first glance the connection between the characters’ constellations and teleport waypoints seems more than a coincidence, most of the Genshin influence community is not convinced that miHoYo could have done this on purpose.

Image via Objective Sentiment
Image via Objective Sentiment

Some people believe that fitting turrets to the locations of waypoints is not difficult at all, and using Ninggguang’s example, they suggest that the only way the connections will be canonical is if the developers themselves come out and Accept it.

Although convincing evidence for this theory is lacking, what lends it little weight and validity is the description of the teleport route, “Strange devices are scattered throughout Teyvat, apparently forming a special order. do.”

As for how to speak or explain this “specific layout” yet miHoYo, a section of the community is inclined to believe that it may represent some degree of character constellations.

At present it is difficult to give much weight to this relationship. However, it is still an interesting flow of thought and theory.

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