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Genshin Impact 2.4 leaks: Shenhe will not be a catalyst according to reliable sources

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Genshin Impact 2.4 has revealed new information about the upcoming Shenhe character. Ever since information about its original model was leaked, fans have been speculating about its capabilities and weapon type. Its release seems to be fast approaching, and fans are finally getting more answers about Shenhe.

According to a reliable source, it seems that Shenhe will not use a catalyst. Fans can learn more about this new leak here.

Genshin Impact 2.4 leak reveals more information about Shenhe.

According to this new post by a reliable Ubatch source, Shenhe will not use a catalyst. This is a source of frustration for some players as the game still lacks a Crew Catalyst, and Shenhay was probably the first. After removing the catalyst, Shina can still wield one of the remaining four weapon types.

Many players believe that Shenhe will hold the pole, as it is the only other weapon not currently used by a Five Star Crew character. Shenhe was originally leaked as a Claymore user, but Eula was added to the game before Shenhe’s release and things may have changed since then.

According to the currently leaked order of characters, Shenhe and Yunjin should arrive in the Genshin Impact 2.4 update, which means players will start learning more specific information soon. Both of these characters are connected to Liyue, which means a possible return to the region.

Since the characters get voice lines in the game that refer to Shenhe, chances are high that it will be released soon. Fans won’t have to wait long for more official information about Sheena to be released.

Fake Jinshin Impact 2.4 Leak

Fans should be aware that much of the current information about Sheena has not been confirmed, and details about his jersey and appearance are still unknown. Most of the leaks are still based on outdated information, and more accurate leaks will start circulating as the Genshin Impact 2.4 beta approaches. Until then, however, players should be wary of any unreliable sources and stick to reputable girls. Fans can find many of these popular posts here, and will be able to get updates on Shenhe as they are published.

The Genshin Impact 2.4 leak continues to reveal new information about Shenhe, and soon fans will learn more about this mysterious character.

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