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Genshin Impact 1.5 leaks: Everything known about Electro Abyss Lector so far

Genshin Impact’s latest update is less than a week away, and players everywhere are excited about the new content it brings.

A recent live broadcast confirmed several new enemies for patch 1.5, and one of them is an elite member of the Abyss Order known as the Abyss Herald.

Players were recently introduced to the hydro-controlled Abyss Herald via the Archonship quest, so it looks like miHoYo is finally starting to expand the story of the Abyss Order further.

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Everything is known about the Abyss Herald coming to Genshin Impact 1.5.

Livestream 1.5 has confirmed Abyss Lecter as the new enemy boss in the upcoming patch. According to the show, Abyss Lector controls the Electro element and has a fighting style mag.

To the delight of many players, Abyss Lector was not the only enemy confirmed for 1.5. Players can expect new weekly bosses from Azhdaha and Cryo Hypostasis to arrive as elite bosses.

Abyss Lector attack and combat style

The footage in the global broadcast shows the Abyss Lector hovering just above the ground like the Abyss Herald and wielding magic. Many of his attacks seem to have magical themes. One is the ability to inflict electrical shocks, and the other is via electronic guidance balls that deal AoE damage.

The show also noted that some of Lectrus Abyss’s attacks lower the character’s basic energy, and the ball attack is believed to be one of them.

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A review of Lectrus Abyss in combat (image via Genshin Impact YouTube)

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Where to find Lector Abyss in Genshin Impact

The Global Live Stream 1.5 didn’t mention exactly how and where Abyss Lector will fit into Genshin Impact. However, according to previous leaks, the Lector of the Abyss will appear somewhere in the Spiral Abyss, most likely in the third chamber on the 12th floor.

This means players must first unlock the Abyssal Moonspire by clearing the first eight levels of the Spiral Abyss.

” alt=”Genshin Impact’s Abyssal Moon Spire” width=”800″ height=”485″ data-img=”” data-img=” -low=”” />
Abyssal Moon Spire Genshin Impact

Whether this change in Spiral Abyss will facilitate completion remains to be seen. Players have developed effective strategies for all the bosses presented so far, but at the same time, the Spiral Abyss is probably the hardest part of the…

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