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Genshin Impact 1.4 update: Windblume Ode’s stats, passive ability, and how to get it

Genshin Influence 1.4 will be released on March 19th. It will feature a variety of new in-game content, including the 4-star debut port, “Wind Bloom Ode”.

Players can obtain this weapon by participating in the “Windshield’s Feast” event. It is part of the “Wind Festival”, which focuses on the 5-star Vanity-type Animo comeback mark.

This article lists everything players need to know about Windbreaker Axis, including stats, passive abilities, and how to access it.

Stats and Passive Ability Genshin Impact Windblume Ode

Some of Wind Ode’s stats include a base attack of 42 when used during level 1. It can reach a maximum of 510 damage after reaching level 90. His elemental mastery is rated at 36, while the level 90 version has up to 165 speed.

His passive ability will be called “air will”. When used, the weapon can gain the benefits of Ancient Desire of Windbreak, which allows a 16% ATK increase over 6 seconds.

Purification Materials Genshin Impact Windblume Ode

Players can power up Ode to the Winds using “seeing winds”, which can also be obtained by participating in an upcoming limited-time event.

Weapons can be upgraded up to level 5, where the effect of the Wind Serpent skill can potentially increase ATK by 32%, double the base value of the liability.

How to get to the windmill in Genshin Impact 1.4

As mentioned, players must participate in the Windbloom Event Invitation to receive the new bow. It will be enough to collect enough tickets to visit the fair and a special coupon for support, as players can exchange them for Ode to the Winds in Genshin Impact.

I can do this by experiencing the mini-event “Personal Wonderland”, which is also included in the above quest.

It consists of several challenges, namely “Blessing of Air Radiation”, “Stray Foot”, “Shining Trail”, “No Landing”, “Barrage Minute”, “Big Bubble Drop”, “Bubble Speedster” and “A Side traffic”. . “

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