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Gabby Petito memorial grows outside Laundrie family home

NORTHPORT, Fla. — About 24 hours after FBI agents confirmed the location of skeletal remains in Southwest Florida, according to Brian Laundry. Authorities were unable to use dental records to support his identification.

Laundry is interested in the disappearance and death of her fiancé, Gabe Petto.

WPTV researchers learned Friday that new information can be slowed down because they don’t want to jeopardize their research.

The FBI said dental records confirmed that the remains found in a park in the Carlton Reserve desert belonged to Laundromat.

The discovery of the remains involved an extensive investigation by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, which began shortly after Laundry, on September 14th, disappeared two weeks later, 23 years after he was alone in North Haven without a patio. I came back to my parents house.

The sailors are believed to have been looking for bills and bags belonging to the laundry.

A criminologist told WPTV that it could take time for investigators to figure out what happened at the laundry.

Alexis Piquero at the University of Miami said laundry certificates found on the body, outside the body, in a backpack and in a notebook could be linked in some way or even more directly to Gabi.

“All this property has been reclaimed at once, not knowing what happened,” Pequero said. “From a puzzle perspective, that’s what Scouts do and people need to know that it’s not over in 44 minutes like CSI. It’s going to be a little bit stressful because it’s time to put all of that evidence together. The type should be properly investigated.

The family did not release a comment on the findings this week.

After requesting a memorial for the family outside of the Laundry home, the Laundry is increasingly calling for answers from the public.

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