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Home » Fox News exploits Colin Powell’s death as excuse to push dangerous misinfo

Fox News exploits Colin Powell’s death as excuse to push dangerous misinfo

It is hard to imagine. Fox News Anti-vaccines are sinking even lower than previous valleys of bad and dangerous propaganda, but the deaths of their former secretary of state and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, from complications related to COVID-19 The limit has been reached. A new depth of fraudulent agenda in their political advocacy pretending to be news commentary.

You see General Powell, despite being fully vaccinated against the virus died of complications from COVID, that’s a fact. Fox News Used to spread the false controversy of doubting the safety and effectiveness of vaccine efforts and play into the hands of their main vaxxer MAGA viewers.

“The family made a point in their Facebook post this morning that Colin Powell was fully vaccinated,” Fox News host Wil Cain said on air this morning. “And while Americans are thinking about what the future holds for them and they’re looking and they need to move forward with reality, we’re seeing data from around the world. We’re seeing data from Europe, from the UK, People who were fully vaccinated were hospitalized and all the vaccinated died of Covid.”

“And here we have a very high-profile example that will require more truth,” Kane continued, “more truth from our government, from our health leaders. As we talk about the story. Let’s talk. This is a day when state after state and agency after agency are pushing for vaccination mandates.”

one more Fox News The host, White House Rep. John Roberts, posted a tweet expressing similar sentiments, saying:

“The fact that Colin Powell died from a breakthrough in COVID raises new concerns about how effective vaccines are.”

What the two hosts didn’t mention was that Colin Powell didn’t get his COVID infection after being vaccinated in a vacuum.

For Fox News’ more responsible competitor, CNNDr. Jonathan Reiner of George Washington University told hosts Erica Hill and Jim Sciuto that Powell, 84, is in such good basic health that doctors urge everyone to get vaccinated to protect their immune system.

“Colin Powell’s family said in their statement that he was fully vaccinated but died of complications from COVID-19,” Sciuto reminded his audience. “Now we find out that he has multiple myeloma, according to a source familiar with the matter. It’s a cancer of the plasma cells and it can suppress your immune system. It’s important to put that in context.”

‘That’s right,’ replied Dr Rayner. “Multiple myeloma is a disease that suppresses the immune system itself, but it’s also important to understand that multiple myeloma treatments, which patients often take on a daily basis, can suppress the immune system itself. So Rep. General Powell We have the most vulnerable population in this country. He is over 80 years old, he has cancer, and his cancer treatment is weak on him….

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