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Fortnite Cosmic Summer rewards: Full list of all rewards to earn in the next 14 days

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration is in full swing with tons of tasks and rewards for players.

This all-new summer event for Chapter 2, Season 7, is dedicated to welcoming Aliens to Fortnite Island. Of course, they may not be as friendly as some players think.

Whatever their intentions, celebrating them comes with a ton of Fortnite Cosmic Summer awards. The two-week event will be full of goodies that players will get.

Complete list of all Fortnite Cosmic Summer Awards

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

As might be expected, Fortnite has a summer theme at The Cosmic Summer Awards. These range from popsicles to fun covers and some great music to listen to while players wait to drop onto the island.

@FN_Assist shared a photo on Twitter with all the prizes and tasks they need to do. Here are all the Fortnite Cosmic Summer awards:

  • Believer Beach (loading screen)
  • Ice Pop (Cover)
  • Lil Treat (emote)
  • Brain Freeze (Back Bling with Unlockable Style)
  • Firecrackers Free Fall (Controlled)
  • Cloud Lama Board (sailboat with unlockable style)
  • Beach Blast (Music)
  • Bang! (cover)
  • Stellar Sipper (spray)
  • Marshmallow (harvesting tool)
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The unlockable style items are amazing. Cloud Llama is the water behind the board while Fortnite players ride the surfboard on the island.

Brain Freeze Back Bullying is a candy that sits on the player’s back. It’s also reactive and comes with a variety of different styles, or in this case flavors, that can be unlocked as Fortnite Cosmic Summer Rewards.

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Another reactive item is marshmallows. This gives players two marshmallows on a diagonal that they can swing. Marshmallow will actually toast any burnouts throughout the game.

YouTuber Fortnite Events has put together a video showing all of Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer Awards in action. Players can see what each item looks like and how they behave in the game.

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