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Home » Former Champion labels WWE match against Ronda Rousey as “one of my favorites”

Former Champion labels WWE match against Ronda Rousey as “one of my favorites”

WWE SmackDown Superstar Natalya described her match against Ronda Rousey as one of her favorite matches in the company.

The former women’s champion re-shared the announcement of her match with Rousey three years ago. They set horns on fire in their 2018 individual battle on Christmas Eve.

Natalya and Rousey teamed up when the latter arrived in WWE. They were secured as training partners, and the “Record Breaker” even worked with Rousey as her manager and a tag team partner.

In December 2018, Natalya won an 8-woman gauntlet match and became the No. 1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship. She challenged Rousey for the title the following week on RAW and put on an impressive performance, but failed to overpower the baddest woman on the planet.

In a recent Twitter post, Natalya called the match one of her favorite matches in WWE and even praised the storyline that led to her title fight with Rondo Rousey.

The veteran star wrote, “One of my favorite matches ever … also a great story.”

Both Natalya and Ronda Rousey share a long history in their personal lives, and WWE has made good use of their real-life connections to create a friendly angle on television.

After setting an incredible record in WWE, Natalya sends a message to Rondi Rousey.

The Guinness Book of Records recently recognized Natalya’s three WWE records. She is now the female Superstar with the most matches, the most wins and the highest pay-per-view in the company’s history.

Natalya posted a cheeky letter on Twitter in which she revealed her conversation with Ronda Rousey and explained why she is no longer on speaking terms with her friend.

I am Natalia’s assistant and she asked me to publish it first #SmackdownBecause she wants to be famous, but now it’s too big to announce it yourself. I am proud to honor him. Happy Holidays!

Rousey immediately responded by congratulating Natalya before telling her to answer the calls.

Natalya enjoyed a great ride in 2021, when she won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Tamina. The pair broke up during the 2021 draft, and Natalya is currently serving as the fifth pick.

The three-time champion is now preparing for a feud with Xia Li on WWE SmackDown. The latter is booked as a protege on the blue brand, and Natalya wants to teach her next opponent a thing or two about respecting industry veterans.

What do you think of Natalya’s comments about Ronda Rousey? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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