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Forget SUVs. These auto makers think tiny electric cars are the next big thing

The smaller and lighter Nobe GT100 will mark a comeback.

These companies These are small electric cars that will carry only one or two people and in many cases will travel a relatively short distance on a single charge.

“It’s like buying one. [Porsche] 911. It will make you stand out. That’s great,” said Eric Ibarra of Kelly Blue Book. I can see people being attracted to it, but under very specific circumstances. “

Still, it will be a tough sell, he said. Car buyers have a fairly simple way of estimating a car’s value: when we pay more, we expect to get more.

These are just some of the small electric cars that these startups offer.

Or the GT100

Noob was founded in 2017 in Estonia, a small country near Finland.

“It’s a tough country,” founder Roman Milger said.

But Milger wanted to find an even tougher market to start selling his small three-wheeler, the GT100. Hence, it plans to start manufacturing with a yet-to-be-announced partner in one of the most competitive automotive markets in the world. He said he expects to start production early next year.

The smaller and lighter Nobe GT100 will mark a comeback.

The charming GT100 looks like a cross between a retro World War II Italian sports sedan and a steam iron. The taillights are surrounded by a three-part grille Alfa Romeo and a touch of Black + Decker Classic. Small tires with white walls are in keeping with the mid-20th century theme. The interior features a thin-rimmed steering wheel with chrome horn buttons.

According to the company, the GT100 seats two people, with space for luggage, and is expected to have a driving range of 180 miles and a top speed of 80 mph. Milger prides itself on being a simple and light car that’s fun to drive.

“You’re back in the golden age of the engine,” he said.

The cars will sell for $24,000 for the hardtop version, and $29,000 for a planned convertible, Milger said. And while the Tesla Model 3 seats five and can travel more than 100 miles, it also sells for more than $10,000 from Noob.

Noob, who calls himself “No Bay,” is already planning his next product, a small four-wheeled van. The truck, which looks like a small American pickup from the 1950s, still doesn’t have a name.


The Microlino is more clearly inspired by the classic BMW Isetta and similar “bubble cars” that emerged in Europe in the post-World War II years. These small petrol cars were designed for the devastated economies and countries with less access to petrol.

Like the classic Isetta, the Microlino is introduced from the front. The entire face of the vehicle is its door. With a capacity of just two, the Microlino is small enough to park on the edge of a parallel parking space. Weighing just 513 kilograms, the Mercolino weighs less than the batteries in the Tesla Model S that company founder Oliver Obutter found.

Based on Microlino.

There are currently no plans to sell the Mercolino in the United States where, as a four-wheel drive car, it will have to meet the strict American safety…

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