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Home » Family shocked to find float covered in invasive Zebra mussels at Lake LBJ

Family shocked to find float covered in invasive Zebra mussels at Lake LBJ

Kingsland, Texas – There are also 27 lakes in Texas that are infested with invasive zebra mussels, including Lake Lyndon B. Johnson.

A recent media demonstration of a float in the Kingsland area revealed that his image holding the water in the tank round is the zebra mussel LBJ.

“I’ve heard rumors that LBJ has something, but he may not have seen it,” Sarah Entzminger said. “That was the first time I saw them.”

Entzminger said she can’t be suspended for the wildlife officials around Texas Parks and their neighbors.

“A horse lake can destroy a family in a lake. The legs are sharp and compact and add scale quickly,” Entzminger said. “They will pull the plug on the water pump system. It’s a sad situation for our beautiful Lake LBJ.

According to TPWD officials, wild hippopotami arrived in North America sometime in the late 1980s and spread like wildfire via Mississippi River boats and overland travel to California.


From the news released by TPWD, it is clear that the people in the base were in a kind of shell formation that is the 2019 LBJ August Wild Ass.

“Disappointing hippos run wild, as high as the chain of lakes in the Colorado River basin, Carl, if they can get a boat up and down the river,” said TPWD Senior Scientist Monica McGarity. Dispersal of species requires uninterrupted water”.

At other times their lips, constructed by another river, serve this kind of shell, to flow more rapidly than is more safe, and whenever it visits the lake, it sweeps them away from the rest. does. The river, brought the boats,” said McGarity.

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