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Home » Family of slain Alishah Pointer gathers as abandoned home she was found in is demolished

Family of slain Alishah Pointer gathers as abandoned home she was found in is demolished

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – The family of 22-year-old Alisha Pointer, who was raped, tortured, murdered and found in a burned-out home in East Cleveland, found her body in an abandoned house and found it in a city dump. The house was demolished. Saturday

Gehle’s body was found at a residence in the 14500 block of Savannah in East Cleveland. She died of gunshot wounds, and her death was ruled a homicide.

Carl Smith, Ward 3 East Cleveland city councilor, said demolition of the home was already in the works last year, but he wanted to speed up the process after Pointer’s death.

“In such a tragic case, my colleagues felt it and felt so great, it was so hard to remove that eye,” Cicero said. “Not only for the family, but also for the community members. Especially my neighbors and the people who live in Savannah.

Kathryn Pointer, an aunt of Alisha Indian, said she received a call yesterday informing her of the impending demolition and quickly called her family.

I said, “Okay, put your shirt on,” because we’re here for my niece. So we will support him and his name remains in everyone’s memory, even on their lips, said Kathryn Pointer.

Kathryn Poynter said the demolition gives her family a small sense of closure, and she’s grateful for the support she’s received from the community.

“Unresponsive. Grateful. Maybe a sense of closure, but not too much. It’s just attractive,” said Kathryn Pointer. “It was really a move in Cleveland. We got a lot of support, a lot of support, and we’re thankful that people have not forgotten us from the beginning to this day in this tragedy. We’ve all really embraced it, and it’s amazing. It has been exciting.

Four suspects have been indicted in connection with the death of Alisha Informer, each charged with two counts of aggravated murder and one count of aggravated murder.

Police did not say which parts of each suspect in the Indian kidnapping, torture and murder allegedly killed Ali Shah.

Investigators said they believe his assailants had information related to the fatal shooting in Cleveland earlier in the day. Police are not sure if he has any information about the crime at this time.

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