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Dune: The Sisterhood: Everything we know about the HBO Max series

The latest film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel Sand Dune received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike when it premiered in both theaters for 31 days on the HBO Max streaming service in late October 2021. was opened. But even before the film’s release, Warner Bros. had plans to expand the film. Dune: The Sisterhood HBO Max movie world with a companion Dune TV series.

So what is the Dune TV series about and when is it coming to HBO Max? Here’s everything we know about Devon: The Sisterhood. You can sign up for HBO Max now at the link below.

When will Devon: The Sisterhood premiere on HBO Max?

As of this writing, Warner Bros. has not announced a target release date for the Dune TV series.

What is the Devon TV series about?

Based on a synopsis of the Dune TV series when it was first released in June 2019, Dune: The Sisterhood will serve as a prequel to the Dune film adaptation. It will focus on the all-women organization known as Bene Gasseret. Women who join the group are trained to develop strong physical and mental abilities. The source of their power is melange, a spice found only on the planet Arachus, also known as the Dunes. The Bene Gesserit use their powers to influence the forces of this universe, forcing civilization to follow the path dictated by the group.

Who writes and directs the series?

Diane Adamo is a showrunner and head writer for John Dion: The Sisterhood. He has written for shows like The Originals, Empire, and most recently the Netflix horror miniseries The Haunting of Bly Manor. Denis Villeneuve, director of the 2021 Dune adaptation, will also direct a pilot episode for Denise: The Sisterhood.

Dion: Does The Sisterhood have a cast for the Dion movie?

It is currently unknown if she will return to the TV series Dune in a role as part of the cast of the Dune film adaptation. In an interview with PlaylistRebecca Ferguson, who played Benny Gasseret Lady Jessica in the film Devon, said she had not been asked to take part in the TV show, but would be happy to do so if she could film it. With Dion’s sequel set to begin shooting in the summer of 2022, he may not have time for more than a guest or cameo appearance on the show.

That’s all we know about Devon: Siblings on HBO Max. We’ll update this post when we learn more about the Dune TV series.

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