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Dr. Mario World is at death’s door a little over two years after its release

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Whatever drugs Dr. Mario prescribed for Villanelli seemed to spell the end of his career. Nintendo announced. Dr. Mario World is not long for this world., and so the game ends on November 1st. Starting today, in-game currency (diamonds) will no longer be sold. The strange thing is that Dr. Your play history will remain available even after Mario World is closed and will take you to an accessible web page when the server is offline.

You can read the full announcement above about Doctor Who is coming to close Mario World. As you can see, Nintendo didn’t provide a single reason for the closure, but in my opinion, the game wouldn’t have made money because no one played it. Or you lose outright. Another mobile game was shelved due to the developer not balancing full cash winnings for entertainment. I think it’s very difficult to get to the perfect point of keeping players addicted without annoying them as if tricking people into playing a casino under the guise of a game is a hard sell. But at least Nintendo got to drag its fan-favorite mascot through the mud for easy cash.

As expected, the in-game currency purchase function has already been removed from the title, so if there is any left, Dr. Better use what you’ve got before Mario World closes its doors. Player records remain accessible even after achieving first place, and you will be redirected to the website when the servers are down.

To be honest, I can’t say I’m surprised to hear that Nintendo is shutting down Dr. Mario World before the end of the year. Although looking the part, overtime play made it clear that there was no meat to the title. This is a true doctor. It acted like a greedy match 3 game rather than a Mario title. It’s easy to see that the game’s ads are annoying and distracting, the monetization stinks, and the gameplay is so unbalanced that you’re pressured to spend your money. So for me, I say good removal. There is no room for this kind of greed in games, especially Nintendo.

Dr. Mario World
Dr. Mario World

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