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Dos and Don’ts of Renting Luxury Cars from an Exotic Car Rental in New York

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Have you ever dreamed of living a day in the life of a celebrity? If so, now’s your chance to do so on a visit to New York.

Search online for exotic car rentals in Oyster Bay, NY to experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous. And no, you don’t have to rob a bank to do this. It’s possible to rent a Ferrari in the Big Apple for less than $1600 a day!

What does driving a Ferrari in New York mean to you?

If you want to take your girlfriend to a restaurant in Manhattan, what better way than in a Ferrari? It’s the perfect way to start the evening and create the perfect atmosphere to pop the question.

What if you want to show your kids around New York City in a fancy luxury car? Now, you can actually do that by getting here on a foreign rental.

This is probably the best way to explore a city like New York that has a charm of its own. But, you have to be mentally prepared to negotiate the city’s bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Being behind the wheel of a Ferrari makes you feel like a king in a city as glamorous and glamorous as New York. The city’s incredible skyline, towering skyscrapers, scenic parks, and breathtaking views are best appreciated in a luxury car.

So, rent a Ferrari before landing here, and experience the spirit of this city like never before. New York is the fashion capital of the world and you want nothing less than an exotic car to tour the city. Rental companies like BluStreet Exotic make it possible for you to live king-sized in NYC.

How to Find Rental Cars in NYC

  • Search online for “foreign car rentals near me” to find a reliable rental company that can offer you a variety of options.
  • Not only should the rental have a variety of luxury cars to offer its customers, but all the cars should be in excellent condition. You definitely don’t want to sit inside a Ferrari with scratches on the doors and dents on the bonnet! Be sure to read customer testimonials posted on the company’s website to make sure you’re getting top-notch service.
  • It’s also important to choose a rental service that can provide you with rental options, no matter where you live in NYC. So, even if you are in Manhattan, Long Island, the Hamptons, or Jersey City, you should be able to hire them.
  • Remember to do your research well before embarking on your journey. And don’t forget to make reservations ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up with a Lexus instead of a Ferrari!
  • Make sure that the company guarantees the exact model you requested. You can never be completely sure of this, but generally, reputable tenants keep their promises.
  • Don’t forget to consider boot size, as your bag needs to fit here. Unless you’re driving a Porsche, if you’re carrying two carry-on suitcases you might find it very cramped! Ferrari, of course, offers a family car option that can hold more luggage.
  • Last but never least, always check the coverage. Deposit on luxury rental…

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