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Home » Twitter erupts as Haikyuu!! announces new projects at Jump Festa 2022 Day 1

Twitter erupts as Haikyuu!! announces new projects at Jump Festa 2022 Day 1

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Haikyuu!! Fans have been counting down the days to Jump Festa 2022, hoping that the anime’s comeback season 5 will be announced. Season 4 ended in December 2020, leaving all the excitement to the most anticipated volleyball game of the entire series, Karasono vs. Necom.

[News]Haikyuu !! Celebrating 10 years in 2022! To celebrate, 10 “big plans” are in the works! Four projects were unveiled at JumpFest 2022, details on each project are below! 6 more projects to be announced, rejoice!

But the series apparently had other plans, leaving fans with mixed feelings. In regards to announcements during Haikyu, Twitter has inevitably become the center of all these reactions!! Jump to Studio Red Stage.

Important announcements published during Haikyuu!! Online Studio

Haikyuu!! celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, when the manga first began serialization in Shuish’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 2011. To celebrate the series’ decades-long journey, Haikyuu!! Jump Studio Red Stage has announced ten special projects. It includes new art and a radio show written by Haruichi Furudate himself in a special exhibition in 2022.

Ha Haikyuu!! It is decided to hold the exhibition ZAVRŠNE!]It has been decided to hold the “Serialization Completion Commemorative Hi!! Exhibition Finale”, which marks the end of the nationwide tour!! February 16 (Wednesday) to March 11 (Friday), 2022 Location: Sunshine City, Ikebukuro For details, visit the official website High queue # High queueExhibit

As a fourth venture, a collaboration with the V-League has been announced to host a special exhibition match between Schweiden Adlers and MSBY Black Jackals in August 2022. Only four projects have been announced so far, with six more remaining, which will be published on the official website in due course. Haikyuu!! Twitter site.

(8.16 Live Distribution) New Haikyuu !! × The V LIGA event will feature a special exhibition match between Schweiden Adlers and MSBY Black Jackals, taking place at Kamei Arena Sendai! Players will be selected for the match from the 10 Division 1 teams represented in the V-League.…

How did Twitter react to these new developments?

There were three main types of reactions. Haikyuu!! Fans on Twitter.

First among them are those who were upset by the fact that their hopes and expectations that they would finally get confirmation of a fifth season were dashed, not to mention the next anime season that will be ‘Karasuno High School Broadcasting Club’. will be shown during Special radio show, hosted by Ayumu Murase and Kaito Ishikawa, or during the Jump Studio RED event.

I wonder when #Haiku Season 5 is coming!!!!! Still waiting and waiting!!!!! *Please don’t keep us waiting too long* 🏐

Another group of people, albeit a small one, are theorists, who are looking for clues and Easter eggs, trying to guess other plans that have yet to be revealed, and hopefully something about Season 5. Information will emerge.

Well if we get the full 25 episodes of season 5 and then a mega movie for HAIKYU then!!! ???? #Haiku

It doesn’t seem like 5 seasons yet… but there are still more projects to be announced… let’s hope🙏🙏 For now, I’m so grateful that Furudate-sensei has done more new Haikyuu illustrations😭😍#Haiku

The third type Haikyuu!! Fans are the ones who are happy with what they have, focusing on all the new discoveries Jump Festa 2022 has to offer, getting excited about new illustrations and creating inspiring fan art.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that the anime will be renewed for one more season, if not two, given its immense popularity and dedicated fan base. However, whether to achieve a confirmation or publication date within 2022 is still debatable. Whether these projects will culminate in the announcement of a new season or movie around the 10th anniversary, only time will tell.

Edited by Mason Jay Schneider.

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