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Disguised Toast reveals how xQc, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and several other streamers have hit an unexpected slump

During a recent live stream, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang claimed that many popular Twitch streamers have experienced a drop in content recently.

The leaker was in the middle of a “just chat” toast when he claimed that most streamers were running out of streaming content. Toast further mentioned some of his close friends/fellow Twitch streamers.

This includes Felix “xQc” Lengyel, Thomas “Sykkuno” and Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter. Disguised Toast said all creators have struggled to find interesting content to stream in recent months.

Hidden Toast claims that Twitch streamers are running out of content.

Disguised Toast claimed that the lack of downloadable content was obvious to most streamers around the world, and that viewers wanted to see how streamers cared about the games they played. He said:

“I want to take care of the game, you know?” Streaming equals maintenance. It’s just comfort, caring, but I think even from a viewer’s perspective, you forget to see that your favorite streamer actually cares about something. “

Toast talked about xQc, and Sykkuno Valkyrie, three streamers he regularly collaborates with. He claimed that they were all also struggling to find the games/content they wanted to stream:

“Much like xQc’s title these days, it’s just ‘Gaming Warlord trying to escape game drought, desperately seeking content.’ Sykkuno title “Any game be damned please”. Rae tries to like stream 200 hours before the end of the year because she doesn’t find it fun to stream. You all love her in what she does though. And support them, you want them to care about what they’re doing.”

Valkyrae recently revealed that it still has approximately 198 hours left to fulfill the terms of its contract with YouTube Gaming. Streamers must be live on YouTube for 198 hours by January 15, 2021. Disguised Toast realized that most streamers don’t care about the content they create due to a lack of content.

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He said that live streaming was reduced to maintenance, and most viewers joined just to spend time with him. Disguised Toast believes it would be better for viewers if their favorite streamers actually cared about the games they stream.

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