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Home » Disgraceful: Lori Lightfoot Botches Name of Slain Chicago Police Officer Ella French

Disgraceful: Lori Lightfoot Botches Name of Slain Chicago Police Officer Ella French

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot mispronounced the name of a slain female police officer in her city on Thursday, days after the brave woman was killed in the line of duty.

Some of Chicago’s leaders have made it clear since last spring that they are against the police as mobs took their toll on the city last summer. However, despite being the subject of a nationwide campaign, many good police officers have managed to stay on the job.

While the Democrats are defending the police” movement is losing steam, the police still face more challenges than a year ago. The country’s political climate has encouraged violent people to become more violent than ever.

Many small steps have been taken by leaders of the most dangerous cities to show police officers they care during a crime spree that has sparked a year of their own anti-police rhetoric. have been.

They can keep their budgets in place, give them adequate backup and when they need to make a decision that no one wants to make – like shooting at an armed suspect.

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Another step Democrats can take in these cities, and where they are far away, is to remember only the names of those who have sacrificed the most.

Ella French, a brave 29-year-old Chicago police officer who was killed last week during a traffic stop, paid the price.

But French is not important enough to remember Lightfoot. The Democrat couldn’t be bothered to repeat his name Thursday night.

Lightfoot called the woman’s murder a “tragedy”, but called her “Ella Franks”.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown called the French national “Ella Fitzgerald” twice earlier this week.

Thank goodness police officers in urban areas serve the communities, not the immoral cretins who rule and command them. It is sad when a policeman, especially a very young one, is killed in the line of duty. The tragedy is compounded when the creators of the city’s violent culture make it clear they don’t care.


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