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Home » Disappearance Of Toni Sharpless Carries Personal Weight For Private Investigator Trying To Solve 12-Year-Old Mystery

Disappearance Of Toni Sharpless Carries Personal Weight For Private Investigator Trying To Solve 12-Year-Old Mystery

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Toni Lee Sharpless, a nurse from Chester County, was last seen leaving a patch of land, and Marion disappeared without a trace. This is something that has always puzzled researchers.

The reason for the activity of the file is that Sharpless has not appeared there for many years. A missing nurse from West Brandywine Township, Chester County, appears to be finally on the loose, a Lower Merion developer on August 22, 2009. It was dispatched to Philadelphia city center entertainment, morning and evening and at night.

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“Pledged to help the family if they wanted it,” says Eileen Law.

A law, but as a private individual, a researcher has done a reason, in terms of more than a decade.

“It’s like a cold from the rest of the world, it’s going to cause a cold,” Law says.

When he hoped he would be eager, he left himself and came to the house of the daughter of the family who had his own years ago.

“Daughters are coming to me saying, ‘I want breast detection, crying, and now I’ve changed things,'” Law says.

The law has worked well. His office is full of reminders of Sharples.

A hit DI a month after the license plate reader came out. And the fire plate, this is a car registered to Sharples.

This board’s pushpins track tips received from law can be manifold.

And in 2012, he got a letter.

“The author states that he paid $5,000 to move a car from Brooklyn, New Jersey,” Law says.

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It has been claimed that the car ended up in Boston, but a loose end remains.

As for the case, an investigator assigned to it from the start, Brandywine West Cpl. Cicero Moore.

“I’m sure now that I’m dead,” Moore said, “I’d love to make some family farmers.”

CBS 3 Unrepentant of the Kind of Men to Fight Mysteries.

A few years ago, he raised the matter, the police said he was declared dead. Now, Sharpless is on a mission to find out the investigation and stay in his house.

Appropriation and tendency in this direction are checked on concerns that have been rejected, things that have been prepared in the first – he had too much to drink, and he prepared chariots for him a mind. is , and as is the loss of Sharpless Gaining. of imperial power.

“There are also great vehicles to meet the Schuylkill River, because it’s nothing,” Moore said.

For the law, is taking after the shekel of the proper reason.

“Some things just get to you. In your skin and in your soul and in your heart,” Law said, “and so it was.”

Who knows what happened to Tony Sharples?

“To be able to love your mother, your sister, for your daughter in the family farmers,” Moore said.

“Until the day I die, my last…

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