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Home » Daily Psakibomb: Biden Press Secretary slaps down gotcha question about next big bill

Daily Psakibomb: Biden Press Secretary slaps down gotcha question about next big bill

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White House press secretary Janet Psacki quickly gained a reputation as a trusted voice for the Biden administration, someone who wasn’t afraid to call out bad faith questions or undermine spur-of-the-moment efforts. Despite the appalling conditions Trump accepts for his prestigious position, he is the polar opposite in every way and clearly sees his job as telling the truth to American citizens rather than lying to his boss.

Now, Psaki has once again been subjected to a loaded question aimed at creating a negative narrative about the White House. A reporter asked if the new infrastructure bill — a landmark effort that, if successful, could transform this country in a big way and prepare us for the coming century — would lead to higher utility bills. The Biden administration wants to raise corporate taxes to pay the nearly $2.1 trillion bill. Not surprisingly, corporations are suppressed.

The reporter pointed out that utility companies have claimed to have cut their rates in response to Trump’s tax cuts in 2017, a claim he admitted may have been “partially demonstrated.”

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“Is there any data that you expect from economists that suggests that is the case or are you ahead of the curve on what might happen when the bill passes?” asked the butler.

“I just want to reach out like the announcements. You said they wouldn’t have the desired effect but the utility companies said: ‘Hey our… you know, we passed this lower rate on to customers through their utility bills. Can,’ replies the reporter.

“And the utility companies — I don’t see if they have — that if this bill passes, they’re going to increase costs, invest in infrastructure and ensure the supply of clean drinking water. will take it out of the pipes and create millions of jobs?” Saki asked.

“I’m not aware of any specific announcements like that but I’m just saying that it was one of the results after 2017…” the reporter agrees, essentially admitting that his entire question is moot. The premise was built around speculation.

“So I don’t think we even need to anticipate that as a problem,” said Psaki, who is reluctant to fall into the trap of reworking.

Check out the great moment below.

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