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Coroner releases new details in death of UofSC student

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – Richland County Coroner Naida Rutherford has dismissed new charges in the death of Michael Caine.

Esser was reported missing on Monday, and his body was found later that day near a Vulcan Materials mine.

According to the coroner, the death penalty was the most severe by accident, and there is no indication that her death was a suicide.

The victim’s body was found less than a mile away from where she was reported missing to the police.

The cause of death has not been released.

The Columbia Police Department reported that an unidentified body of a missing UofSC student was found in a mine near Rosewood Drive, not far from the Olympic-Granby area at the Vulcan Materials mine.

The prefects said they could build ships on Sunday, but deeper ships on Monday afternoon. When we find the dead body of an officer.

Harris Pastides, UofSC Interim President Michael Kane, offered his condolences to the family, whose body was discovered Tuesday morning.

“It is always sad to lose a member of our Carolina family, and we know some of you are ready to help during this difficult time,” Pestides said.

Vulcan sent the case partially, he said.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy is ongoing, so for specific information regarding this incident, you are referred to police investigators. All efforts on this site are protected. We use nests, tokens, beaks and barbed wire to protect and warn people of danger. In some places we have two rows of barbed wire fencing. Some of the area surrounding the site is naturally shaded and has been allowed to thicken to discourage encroachment. There is no place one enters without vigilance and proper training.

The victim’s family, Michael Kane, was on the scene Monday with CPD and CPD services.

A distraught father last heard from her after walking home from J’s Corner Restaurant and Bar on Sunday.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Michael’s family, the USC family, and all those affected by this tragedy,” said Coroner Naida Rutherford. “Michael was expected to graduate from university in the next 3 weeks.”

year, the body was found in the booty of a missing UofSC student, Sam Laundon.

UofSC officials urge anyone affected by the passing to seek help from mental health services.

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