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Home » Commentary: Watch Bizarre Moment Biden Says Parents Drive Their Kids to McDonald’s to Use the Internet To Hear

Commentary: Watch Bizarre Moment Biden Says Parents Drive Their Kids to McDonald’s to Use the Internet To Hear

President Joe Biden doesn’t really know how any of this works, does he?

According to the 78-year-old president, poor American families are taking their kids to McDonald’s parking lots so they can “hear” the Internet better—and only a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill can help.

During his sentencing Wednesday from the port of Baltimore in Maryland, Biden not only showed how little he understands technology, but also reminded us how he and his party are destroying our children. Education was ruined.

“We will make high-speed Internet affordable and available everywhere in America,” the president said.

“When we were, you guys had kids in school, we go into this hybrid thing—some in class, some out of class—a few times if not yet—if you don’t live in an area where you have fast How many times have you taken your kids to the McDonald’s parking lot and sat outside the McDonald’s to listen to you? Internet contraptions are fixing rabbit-ear antennae into things.

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“No, I’m not kidding. Think about it – the United States of America, for God’s sake,” he lamented, lamenting what was surely a problem (if it was a problem at all) in the first world.

Biden dutifully set the narrative that low-income people find it difficult to connect without government, reflecting former President Barack Obama’s tendency to try to make Internet access a public utility.

Obama may have proposed his ConnectALL Initiative in 2016, but it’s a vision now that a staggering 93 percent of American adults use the Internet and 77 percent have access to a broadband connection at home. , according to Pew Research.

Do you think investing in nationwide broadband Internet access is necessary?

Add to that the fact that 97 percent of American adults own some kind of cell phone, and it seems that modern technology is within the reach of all but a few in this vast country.

But even accepting Biden’s premise creates a dilemma for Democrats and their initial approach to solving the governing problem.

The president’s strange actions regarding the struggle for online learning inadvertently remind us that this issue is driven almost entirely by the Democratic Party’s need to bow to teacher unions.

Because of government failure, American children enter their third year of school dealing with virtual learning and the prospect of keeping non-compliant children out of their classrooms.

Meanwhile, a fast-food chain is providing children with the internet access they need to continue their education as public schools continue to shun their education…

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