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Home » Commentary: Watch: Biden’s Trip to Kentucky Goes South as He’s Greeted with Shouts of ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ and ‘Pedophile’

Commentary: Watch: Biden’s Trip to Kentucky Goes South as He’s Greeted with Shouts of ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ and ‘Pedophile’

President Joe Biden was greeted with chants of “Let’s go Brandon.” Assessing tornado damage in Mayfield, Kentucky on Wednesday.

“Tara and Brandon” is a happy way of saying “F*** Joe Biden.”

The chant went viral in October when an NBC reporter shouted “F*** Joe Biden!” Incorrectly described the slogan. “Let’s go Brandon” roars through most of the NASCAR race. At the time, the reporter was interviewing the winning driver, Brandon Brown.

The chant became a rallying cry for conservatives to express their disgust at how Biden’s irresponsible policies are destroying the country.

It said residents of Kentucky who had just experienced the devastating storm were so angry with the president that they couldn’t help but slap him even though he paid him a controversial goodwill visit. .

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One Twitter user summed up the sentiments of countless Americans when he said, “I’m sitting in my house watching what Biden is doing to our country …… worse than a hurricane.”

Some of the teases shouted “Come on Brandon!” As the political race circled the collapsed street block.

At one point, a protester yelled at Biden: “You’ve got blood on your hands, bub!”


Biden just smiled and walked away when the reporter’s brutal COVID question finally bothered him.

As the 79-year-old Democrat took selfies, one heckler yelled, “Where are the kids, pedophile? Where are they? Where are the kids?”

Protesters added: “What nonsense are you doing here?”

Warning: The following video contains graphic language.

The job is likely a reference to Biden’s well-documented history of crawling, super-tactile encounters with toddlers.

The Biden administration has been weighed down by hyperinflation, pandemics and intra-party buyer’s remorse.

With his poll numbers falling to a very weak point, there is constant speculation that Biden may not run for re-election.

His many failures have led him to recruit twice…

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