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Home » Commentary: Video Shows the Panicked Look in Tour Guide’s Eyes As Biden Wanders Off in Car Factory

Commentary: Video Shows the Panicked Look in Tour Guide’s Eyes As Biden Wanders Off in Car Factory

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On Wednesday, President Joe Biden visited General Motors’ Factory Zero, which the automaker recently renovated as part of its plan to transition from gas and diesel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. .

According to the Detroit News, the visit is another stop on Biden’s $1.3 trillion infrastructure bill victory tour, and GM helped him celebrate by giving him a tour of the facilities and even giving him a prototype EV. Allowed to drive the Hummer.

Unfortunately, Biden is generally confused himself and has trouble following instructions, despite vaguely stating that he knows he needs to “take orders.”

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Biden attended the annual Turkey Amnesty.

In a clip posted on Twitter, the president asked a guide who appeared to be GM CEO Mary Barra to stand at a blue marker. “I’ve got to stand at the blue sign, huh? I’ve got to take orders,” Biden said before walking past the clearly designated area.

Bara’s eyes indicate concern as he blinks “Help me!” Look out for one of the Secret Service agents tending to the errant president, dangerously close to the factory equipment.

This is not the first time that the president has proved himself so easy at the age of 2. This is not the first time that Biden – the President of the United States – has admitted that he has an order to follow.

Fortunately, his Hummer test drive seems to have gone off without a hitch:

Biden’s factory faux pas is par for the course for poor Secret Service agents tasked with directing his moves when he’s allowed out in public.

He grabbed the camera before anyone could tell him where to go:


DeSantis owns Joe Biden in the comedy stunt, Left Goes Crazy.

Her handlers were seen desperately trying to push her away from reporters despite their poor attempts to provide their questions:

Interestingly, despite Biden’s apparent difficulty following instructions, he knew they were being given to him—he said on more than one occasion that he “had a problem” if he spoke too long to the media. There are, and there are rumors that there is a special protocol for defending it with questions.

All of this, of course, goes because Biden often fumbles with his words, forgets things that have just happened, and is completely empty of his names as a cabinet member.

More and more, it seems that Biden is not only responsible for…

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