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Home » “Come over!”: MrBeast responds to Mizkif’s request to be in his videos

“Come over!”: MrBeast responds to Mizkif’s request to be in his videos

Twitch streamer i “clout goblin” Mizkif recently sent Mr. Best a request to be in a video after the popular YouTuber released another video with several of the great content creators on the red platform.

While Mizkif has been live-streaming these videos with his fans, he has yet to be a part of MrBeast’s content, and it seems the latter doesn’t mind collaborating.

Mr Best invited Mezkiev to appear in his videos after the Twitch streamer contacted him on Twitter.

Recently, Twitch streamer Mizkif tweeted about being a part of Mr. Best’s videos after reacting to his recent content, including a $1,000,000 influencer tournament.

@MrBeast Hey man I’ve been watching your latest videos in front of 40,000 people, and I was wondering why I wasn’t invited. With love, Mizkif

The video features many great YouTube creators, including Logan Paul, Zac King, Bella Porch, Mark Raber and many others. Although there were no Twitch streamers, fans would love to see some of them participate in the future.

But things took an interesting turn when MrBeast responded to Mizkif’s request by inviting him to appear in his videos. While Mizkaif has been a part of many popular videos from YouTube creators and streamers, this may be the first time he’s been paired with one of the platform’s most popular creators.

When it comes to Twitch and YouTube, both Mizkif and MrBeast have been at the top of the game for the past few months. Recently, the Mezkief platform topped the charts, featuring creators such as Ninja, Shroud, xQc and many others.

At the same time, MrBeast experienced a huge rise in popularity after creating some of the biggest YouTube videos like the Squid Game recreation, and now the $1,000,000 Influencer Tournament.

The two make an unusual pair as their content revolves around different media. While MrBeast is more concerned with production and ideas, Mizkif is much more relaxed, with his best videos and streams revolving around drama and fun.

Still, the duo poses for an interesting combination that fans will surely love to see together. While a YouTube video may be on the cards soon, it will also be fun to watch Mr. Best step out of your comfort zone if he decides to make a big streak with Mizkif, that could break the internet.

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