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Come look inside Google’s first Pixel store with us before it opens tomorrow

Google has been working on gaming hardware for some time, but aside from a handful of pop-up stores it has yet to establish a physical presence in retail to compete with Apple. That will change tomorrow. The company has finally opened its first store. in New York City. If you want to buy a new Pixel phone or a Google-branded basketball, just go to Chelsea.

Expectations are high. Google’s first retail space. After all, this is an area that Apple has dominated for years without competition from other tech giants. Microsoft has given it a shot in the past decade, but last year the company threw in the towel. Meanwhile, Samsung is considering opening a store for its products, including four “experience stores” that were discovered in the US.

Google promises its “experience” with interactive exhibits and hands-on spaces where you can test your gear. The full staff will answer any questions you may have while shopping. The company is really pushing the “NYC” element of the store, with trailers that jazz up old Broadway show tunes alongside an assortment of Chelsea-branded accessories.

As part of a ramp-up for the launch, we sent AP assistants. Max Weinbach Check out the store tomorrow evening for us to take photos and get a preview of how Google has set up their new location. It’s definitely not the vibe you’d expect from an Apple Store, with a special area designed to sell all the amenities that can bring Google products to life. Apart from customer support and device repairs, we also offer events where you can learn about the various features of the Pixel. Check out more photos from the store below.

The store will officially open tomorrow, June 17, in the Port Authority Commerce Building at 111 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, New York. I know I’m planning a trip. So I can snag that fast basketball.

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