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Home » Cold Case Solved? New Suspect Revealed 22 Years After Savage Killing of 13-Year-Old Girl

Cold Case Solved? New Suspect Revealed 22 Years After Savage Killing of 13-Year-Old Girl

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The family of 13-year-old Minerliz “Minni” Soriano waited 22 years for what happened Monday, when she was finally arrested in the cold case.

Mani went missing on February 24, 1999. A very responsible and hard-working young woman, Mani often picks up her 7-year-old sister Nadia from school and the two make the 30-minute journey together, according to the moderate.

When Nadia came home alone, her family knew something was wrong. They search the area and alert the police, but they repeatedly confirm that Mani is probably just hanging out with friends—even though her family knows she’s not like that.

Three days later, a homeless man found the teenager’s body in a dumpster behind a store. He was strangled and thrown into a plastic bin.

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For 22 years, her killer was free — but all that time, her death haunted the now-retired NYPD. Detective Malcolm Ryman, who has been involved with the case since its inception.

“The victim has DNA, and it’s an anonymous donor, which means the person has not been identified,” he said. CBS 2. “He’s not in any known database.”

A few years later, when the family DNA test was developed, Reiman urged the department to follow that path.

“If the offender’s relatives are in the database, it will really indicate that the relative is in the database,” he said.

So they did. And they saw a suspect.

“When familial DNA searches were introduced, a familial DNA search was an intentional search for a relative using specialized software,” said Emmanuel Katranakis, commanding officer of the NYPD Forensic Investigative Unit. “So we looked for that specific DNA profile, and as a result, we had forensic family DNA that killed the defendant’s father.”

On Monday, police arrested and charged Joseph Martinez, 49, of New Rochelle. Killing appears to be that Martinez has an online persona, “Jupiter Joe,” and actively teaches children about astronomy.

Martinez was found not guilty, and the family still has many questions. What is the purpose? Why money? Hope to get their answers soon.


The stranger saved a young man who had been hit by a car, then disappeared after the rescue.

“We can’t forget what happened, because we still have him in our hearts,” said Amelia Soriano, Manny’s aunt. WABC-TV.

“She was a very sweet child, very happy,” Soriano said, according to the New York Post. “He danced, he sang, he told stories, he was full of love.”

“We don’t want her to be remembered this way, this is a girl found in the Bronx,” said another relative, Destiny Soriano. News 12 Bronx.

“We don’t want to identify her as a Dumpster Bronx case. We want her to rest in peace. We want her name to be known as justice, awareness, hope…

This article originally appeared in The Western Journal.

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