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Clever perspective puzzler Moncage is now available on Android

optical illusion We are a new indie developer who released our first game today. This game is Monkage, and a really great puzzle game that offers uniquely interesting mechanics. As you can see, the whole game takes place on a cube that can be rotated and each side presents its own image. Rotate the cube to align the perspective of the cube image to solve the game’s puzzle. the aim? Collect images of perfectly connected images that reveal the story of the game. Monkage is an interactive optical illusion puzzle game that not only has a great presentation, but the gameplay is also optimized for touchscreens.

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Check out the trailer above for a better understanding of how Monkage plays. As you can see, each side of the cube gives a different image, but when you rotate the cube you can see that some of the images are aligned. The goal is to connect and merge these images. It’s a great release for kids and adults with a simple setup that anyone can quickly grasp. Just because collecting all the images in the game is difficult, doesn’t mean the game is easy. Fortunately, there are hints available if you run into problems, and there’s even an optional video walkthrough you can open if that’s not enough.

Moncage is a premium release priced at $4.99 and has no ads or in-app purchases. Controllers aren’t supported, but since the game is designed around touch controls, you don’t need a controller. Since the interaction consists of rotating a virtual cube in the center of the screen, the game can be played perfectly on a touchscreen Chromebook or tablet.

So there it is. Moncage is a great indie game from Optillusion. The game is stunning to look at, the touch controls are spot on, and solving the game’s puzzles gives a sense of accomplishment that few mobile games can match. Sure, mobile games can get bad reviews, but there are still some gems out there and Moncage is easily one of them. So if you’re looking for something really challenging and fun, feel free to buy Moncage via the Play Store widget below.

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