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Home » Chicago police charge teen with murder for deadly Hegewisch shooting of beloved grandmother

Chicago police charge teen with murder for deadly Hegewisch shooting of beloved grandmother

CHICAGO (WS) – Chicago police have filed fatal shooting charges against a Chicago man, 70-year-old Yvonne Rosich, who was killed last week in Hegewish while waiting to go to work.

The 17-year-old boy has been charged with first-degree murder, police said. CPD said he would not be accepted as an adult. Police believe Jackie was killed during a car chase.

CPD Chief Detective Brian Denihan Rosich said Rosich was in his car waiting for work when two suspects drove up, made a U-turn and approached him at the park. His stepson, who was with him at the time, saw that there were a handful of armed men, and told him to run along. When the two men tried to drive away, one of the suspects shot Rozich in the car. After he crashed, Denihan said the suspect, who was in his car, walked up to his car, crashed, and fired multiple shots at him.

The incident was partially captured on gun-mounted video, giving police a view of the artillery.

Police were able to track down the victim in the vehicle, and it was assumed that his car had been carjacked, leading to another carjacking. The car was subjected to four different carjacking or carjacking tests, and four vehicles were recovered. The investigation also crossed Indian public lines.

Using technology to interrogate the suspects, the police were able to find photos of them from other locations. After the photos were published by journalists and social media, several witnesses contacted the suspect to help with the investigation.

Denihan said he could take one suspect into custody in Chicago, and he could trust the other suspect. Police said they know who they are looking for.

Both are suspected to be juveniles, and their names have been released. Both are from Chicago.

“It was wrong to cut off someone who married him,” said daughter Carla Rosich. “She was my mother and so were many others. People who go for coffee in the morning knew my mother.

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Rosich was inside his car in the 13300 block of South Baltimore Avenue around 4:26 a.m. when police approached two suspects and opened fire.

You see two cars monitoring it, and then a third car pulls up. The two men would get out of the car and walk up to Rosich’s car, point guns at him and start shooting.

According to her boyfriend, Rosich tried to run away, but then fell into a block, where the gunman assaulted her and shot her several times.
He told police that he was taken to Christ Advocate Hospital where he suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was later pronounced dead.

Earlier Tuesday, Chicago police released two police photos of the suspect in the case, showing him armed with a group of troopers.

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The accused had both the masks with them at the time. One was dressed in all white, and the other in black…

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