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Home » Chase Hudson allegations explained, as TikToker alleges she was “used” and “betrayed” by him

Chase Hudson allegations explained, as TikToker alleges she was “used” and “betrayed” by him

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Cool Chase Hudson aka Lil Hudy recently found himself embroiled in a social media storm after TikTok accused him of engaging in inappropriate behavior with him, calling him “exploitative” and “cheating”. ” Realized.

The 18-year-old TikTok star-turned-musician is a notable name in the TikTok industry who has played a key role in making Hype House content stable.

Chase Hudson recently found himself trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, after the TikToker spoke out against his alleged behavior in a clip that has now gone viral:

In the clip above, a TikTok user named zigwad describes his alleged experience with Chase Hudson, which allegedly happened during the “Lights Out” social media tour in June 2019.

She claimed that she and Chase Hudson were friends before they got together. When she finally meets him and his other friends, she discovers:

“I was just hanging out with him and the boys and then he went to his room and he was in there for a while, so I thought he wasn’t well, so I went to check on him and he said some things. Why then I was not well. There is someone who is against me.

In light of his recent discoveries, Twitter users quickly began weighing in on Chase Hudson’s accusations.

Twitter calls out Chase Hudson in light of recent allegations

In her clip, the TikToker also revealed that she soon tried to ignore how she felt after her alleged experience with Chase Hudson.

Speaking about how she felt when he blocked her, she said:

“I just felt and still feel betrayed and used because we were really good friends before and we had a whole conversation before this happened and then he did something to me, he Got what he wanted and then I blocked.”

He also claimed that he wasn’t sure why he blocked her, as he assumed he might have been feeling guilty about the whole alleged encounter.

In a later video, she also said that even though Chase Hudson doesn’t know how their alleged encounter affected her, he is definitely guilty of faking their friendship:

“It’s his fault that he faked it, or that what seemed like a fake was just my friend to take advantage of me and then hinder everything after that. To this day, that’s how he affects me. Now I have a…

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