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Can Solrock and Lunatone be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Solrock and Lunatone are currently featured as Tier One Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. Now players are curious if the super versions of these Pokemon can come to the mobile game.

Also, both of these dual Rock/Psychic types will spawn more frequently during the Pokemon GO Solstice event.

Adding Solrock and Lunatone shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for Pokemon GO players, although some coaches want to know if they shine in the game before deciding to fight a pocket monster in raids.

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Super forms of Solrock and Lunaton can be found in Pokemon GO.

Luck favors the great Pokemon GO hunters, as both Solrock and Lunatone’s awesome form can be captured in the mobile game. In fact, now is probably a better time than ever for a player who wants to have a chance to get one of these.

To have the best chance of encountering a great Solrock or Lunaton, the player should go on as many Tier One raids against these pocket monsters as possible.

Since they are both uniquely designed Pokémon of the Rock/Psyche Duel Type, the same counters can be used against them in Ration Battles. In the end the player has to defeat Solrock or Lunatone each time before he has a chance to see if he is too good and try to catch them.

The following Pokemon will work well as counters against these two raid bosses:

  • Metagros with a quick bullet punch move and a charged meteor mash move
  • Crawdaunt using Snarl and Crabhammer moves
  • Rhyperior is equipped with Mud Slap and Earthquake attacks.
  • A chandelier that knows hex and shadowball.
  • Squadron using metal claws and earthquakes
  • Uses Spirit Type to activate Ganger Look and Shadow Ball.

Using multiple Pokémon above or of the same type will allow the player to run both Solrock and Lunatone faster. Trainers should take one of these two into raids as often as possible while the Pokemon are offered so that they have the best chance of getting the best version.

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