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Can boats ever have a serious niche in GTA Online?

Boats are probably one of the most unnecessary vehicle classes in GTA Online.

Hardly any boat can do better than any other vehicle in GTA Online. Other than appearing in some missions and some races, there is rarely a reason to use boats in GTA Online compared to other vehicle classes.

They had a small place in previous GTA games, but are unfortunately obsolete in the current GTA Online metagame.

Before the update Cayo Perico Heist came out, there have been no new ships since the Additional Adventure in Finance and Crime update (published 2016). It’s no surprise that Rockstar can’t do much to make boats more desirable than other vehicle options like the Toreador.

Do ships have a future in GTA Online?

Some boats in GTA Online are limited to memes (Image via Rockstar Games)
Some boats in GTA Online are limited to memes (Image via Rockstar Games)

Ships will always be present in GTA Online, but based on current trends they are unlikely to be significant. Almost all of GTA Online has about twenty ships, but they don’t have the utility that other vehicle classes of the same size have.

For example, helicopters are extremely useful for navigating most of the map, while boats are limited to the ocean.

As it stands now, there isn’t much reason to invest in boats in GTA Online. Whatever it can do, another vehicle can do better. It doesn’t help that most ships are helpless against the armed horrors that can be seen in the current metagame.

Why are ships not durable?

A situation in which it rarely happens is GTA Online players who want to use a boat on another vehicle. Even the most expensive boats are vastly improved by the second vehicle option in GTA Online.

If players want to go underwater, a Bullfighter will do just fine. Not only can it go underwater, but it’s also more durable for any freestyle moves the player will find themselves in.

Not to mention, most of the time is spent either in the air or on the ground. Boats are useless for both modes of travel, making buying boats a low priority for most players.

Unless they’re essential like Kosatka for Cayo Perico Heist, most players will skip buying boats on GTA Online.

How to make a ship more durable in gta online

If the Toreador can sink, why can he?
If the Toreador can sink, why can’t there be a boat that rides and flies? (Image via Rockstar Games)

There are not many ways to ensure that boats will become more durable in the future. However, there are some possibilities that should be pointed out. First, it might be similar to the LS car mated to the Los Santos tuners upgrade, except for the boats.

Just owning an area where only boats are available guarantees that it will be the best possible vehicle in those conditions. However, there would have to be something valuable that would compel players to do so, which would probably be a massive update to the content itself.


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