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Call of Duty Warzone fans still can’t enjoy double XP on certain modes and here’s why

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Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard fans will soon be entering the Christmas season, but as events unfold, there are some lingering issues from last week’s big mistake. Both games went through Call of Duty double XP during the Festive Fever event. This is where the problem started and although much has been fixed, there are still some ways to work.

That seems to be especially the case in Call of Duty Warzone, where much of the problem remains. By the way, it was in this game that the problems began with the start of the second Double XP era.

The activation continues the double XP period in Call of Duty Warzone but in an incomplete manner

At the time of writing, 2XP has been returned to Call of Duty Warzone within the planned double XP period. This duration was predetermined and started on time. However, it was this event that led to a major glitch in Call of Duty Warzone.

Can Call of Duty Warzone players enjoy double XP?

In short, yes, but it comes with certain caveats. According to original plans, the Double XP period will grant 2X XP on Normal, Weapon, and Battle Passes. However, the Call of Duty Warzone Plunder mod suffered a major glitch regarding the XP portion of the weapon.

The Weapon XP issue (where the Weapon XP token equals double Weapon XP) has not yet been resolved in Warzone, and as a result, 2X Weapon XP is currently available for Rebirth Island playlists or Plunder. Not active. Live for Battle Royale and Vanguard Royale.

While most of the issue has been resolved, players will no longer be able to enjoy 2XP on weapons in Plunder Mode or Rebirth Island. For other areas and game modes such as Battle Royale, 2XP is available on the weapon.

What is the reason for these developments?

Following the launch of the double XP period, Call of Duty Warzone players were able to stack double XP tokens on their weapons in Plunder Mode. The result was a quadruple of the total XP gained.

If you want to upgrade your weapons faster, Double Weapon XP Tokens are currently bundled with Double Weapon XP enabled in Plunder Mode in Warzone Pacific. It is unclear whether this is an error that will be corrected or intended. Indicated by the first @ModernWarzone.

But it was basically a mistake and Activision quickly realized. Since then,…

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