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BTS’ Jungkook’s Instagram username turns brands into fans

As the BTS members opened their personal Instagram accounts on December 6, one of the bright spots was their usernames. The youngest of the group, Jungkook chose a creative ID with all the English alphabets except the letters J and K.

Since his debut, fans and members have often referred to Jungkook as “JK” – a term of endearment. By making their name their own, they must have had fun choosing their username on Instagram. of that Smart mood has prompted big brands like McDonald’s, Target, X, Lyft, and even us to copy it on Twitter and launch marketing campaigns.

Jungkook from BTS is starting a new trend with his creative Instagram username.

While other BTS members opted for simple or humorous ID cards, The Golden Maknae, Jungkook did his best to make his Instagram username stand out. The K-pop supergroup trended almost all day on December 6 due to their sudden appearance on Instagram. But only Jungkook can force brands to start a whole new marketing trend.

Jungkook currently has an incredible 18.6 million followers on Instagram in just one day since opening his account. His unique username was the first thing that caught people’s attention – @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz. The funny way of highlighting his name has made big brands to copy him and create a gala on their social networks.

Fast food brand McDonald’s, which has partnered with them for the BTS Meal Cooperation, was the first to change its name on Twitter. It retained all the English alphabets except ‘mcd’ which is its very popular acronym.

ab_ _efghijkl_nopqrstuvwxyz

Soon Lyft, Sour Patch Kids, Among Us, Ax, Rockstar Energy Drink joined the party.

@McDonalds Since this tweet starts with the letter A, I guess you tried to tweet “ax body spray smells amazing” while spraying me, but then you were mesmerized by how good I smelled. The smell was coming and here we are.

Meanwhile, non-BTS fans have a hard time understanding why McDonald’s is behaving this way. They wondered if it was just another “intern” mistake, asked the brand if it was OK, and took it literally, thinking the “cdm” code was for an upcoming product.

@McDonalds That let the trainee fall asleep on the keyboard while the company’s Twitter account was reported.

BTS ARMY had fun explaining that it’s all because of Jungkok’s Instagram username. They even enjoyed interacting with the brand in K-pop flat jargon.

Does Jungkook always have an Instagram account?

Note that only Jungkook’s account doesn’t say “New…

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