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Breast cancer survivor and bodybuilder shows her true strength

CHICAGO — Bodybuilder and breast cancer survivor, Erica Langley proved how strong she is, literally and figuratively!

Langley was preparing for his first bodybuilding competition when a shocking diagnosis drew him back into his plans. After losing a considerable amount of weight, she noticed a small peach lump on her breast, which was later diagnosed as breast cancer.

Langley worked with a team of professionals. University of Chicago Medicine And after 20 weeks she underwent radiation and a double mastectomy.

When he was safe, Langley returned to the gym and began practicing on the public highway with Bolo Young. Not only did she beat breast cancer, she also beat her opponent to take home 1st, 2nd and 3 medals.

Langley believes her help and support system helps doctors stay positive and motivated while battling cancer. Now, he says it’s the best look of his life!

Langley and the University of Chicago Medicine encourage all physicians to receive regular annual screenings and mammograms.


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