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Brand Archetypes and How to Use Them for Your Business

Identifying the right audience to market your product to is the first step towards successful advertising.

As simple as it sounds, capturing the character of your customers requires a lot of work and research. However, it is definitely worth the effort.

Finding your brand archetype when creating your marketing campaign will help you appeal to your audience and convert potential buyers into repeat customers.

How are brand archetypes born?

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, created 12 archetypes in 1919. Based on his research, he hypothesized that people use symbols to understand complex topics.

These archetypes use universal patterns to model the behavior of different individuals. Thanks to these specific human behaviors and personality traits, brands can identify with their core customers.

Once you’ve identified the appropriate typology, create a marketing strategy to reach them.

What are the 12 Brand Archetypes?

1 – Ruler

The ruler is stern, restrained and responsible.

They would prefer discipline to chaos. Rulers also believe in lavish rewards for their achievements, which is why high-end luxury firms like Louis Vuitton target them.

Red, green and blue are primary colors with a lot of power.

2 – Every person

Each human archetype describes friendship.

Every man is a symbol of equality, and these people are usually overly supportive, loyal, and modest. Everyone’s goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome and included.

They use calming colors like navy blue, sage green and blue-greens, as you can see in Target and Old Navy ads.

3 – Hero

The hero archetype is bold, brave and fearless.

They value honesty and use bravery and drive to make the world a better place.

Blues and bright yellows are usually associated with heroes. Consider companies like Gatorade and Powerade, which use vibrant colors.

4 – The Creator

The creator archetype is associated with brands that use creativity and innovation.

They sincerely believe that creativity and imagination play an important role in value creation. They believe in working on their own and using their intellect for research.

Bright colors like orange and red surround the Creator. Computer manufacturers such as Adobe and Apple often use teal and black to highlight their products.

5 – Lover

Aashiq is known for being passionate, personal and totally dedicated.

They want to be liked and express their feelings. Marilyn Monroe, Tyra Banks, and Cindy Crawford have been featured in some of the best commercials that depict the lover.

Use romantic colors like purple, pink and red to seduce your lover.

6 – Innocent

The innocent archetype is defined as cheerful, energetic, and youthful.

They like to reminisce about their youthful innocence and believe in inner peace.

Spring and cheerful pastel colors such as light green, bright pink, and teal are colors that most…

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