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Home » Boruto Episode 224: Wasabi unleashes monster cat while Amado’s true colours come forth

Boruto Episode 224: Wasabi unleashes monster cat while Amado’s true colours come forth

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 224 is here and the mood is good. The Chunin Exams are in full swing, and fans’ suspicions about Amad seem to be correct. In this article we will review some of the most important ones. Boruto Episode number 224.

The most interesting part of the 224th episode Boruto

Episode number 224

The episode begins with a match between Izuno Wasabi and Yuino Iwabi. The adopted son of Chinon and Gaara from Sunagakure, Shinki arrives with two of his friends to watch the chunin compete in the exam, and admits that he is mostly interested in Boruto’s match.

The episode was fun, Iwabi was always a carefree character, as was Wasabi. So it was nice to see Iwabi as the motivating factor that made Wasabi realize that she too could become Hokage. 4TUNE did a great job with this app. #Boruto

This episode emphasizes the contrast between Wasabi’s more realistic and somewhat pessimistic attitude and Iwabi’s more idealistic and optimistic, as they both fight for the right to become Chunin. Wasabi’s overzealous family is encouraging, but also somewhat problematic in his overconfidence that Wasabi will surely become Hokage.

Although Wasabi wants to become a great shinobi, he states that his goal is not to become Hokage, which Iwabi dismisses as his cowardice, saying that no shinobi is as scary as the Hokage. Shikamaru aptly notes that it reminds him of Naruto and Keibu during their own test match for the chunin.

In an attempt to prove to Wasabi that anyone can become Hokage even if he is not from a skilled clan, Iwabi shows stress and Wasabi’s true potential. She uses a Monster Cat Position Jutsu to protect Iwabi from a giant rock that she attached to her own clay-style jute before collapsing from chakra overuse.

My favorite thing about today’s episode is how everyone in the arena, especially the adults, says “What the hell is this game anyway?” all the time. #Boruto

Wasabi was declared the winner of the match, although he is not satisfied with the way he won.

Review Episode 225

A preview at the end of the episode reveals more interesting and possibly more dangerous possibilities as Boruto and Mitsuki finally find Amada, only to find her sitting in a warehouse-like hideout and perhaps with these people. Conspiring with those who seemed subordinate to him.

Sarada worries about Boruto and Mitsuki but has to save that for later because the next match is opposed by Choo Choo, who promises…

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