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Home » Boebert’s tweet about “one less pervert” backfires as her husband’s dirty laundry is aired

Boebert’s tweet about “one less pervert” backfires as her husband’s dirty laundry is aired

As the reaction to the bombshell news that New York’s Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo will resign after a state investigation into allegations that he sexually harassed a female staffer in Albany was confirmed, Some of the cheering messages on social media from the opposition are that the Republicans make strong accusations. Massive hypocrisy.

Topping the list of people more knowledgable than to comment on Cuomo’s resignation because of his dirty laundry is extremist Congressman Lauren Boibert (R-CO) of Rifle, Colorado.

Boibert drew backlash on social media after the tweet was posted as news of the New York governor’s imminent decision to resign broke.

Many felt that any man who continued to support Donald Trump — who faced far more credible allegations of misconduct than Cuomo — was confirmed to be in touch — and who had his own The wife was arrested. After exposing his penis to two girls at a bowling alley in 2004, the Democratic governor had no right to comment on his personal failings.

Replies to Congressman Bobert’s judgmental tweet showed outrage at the extreme hypocrisy of the right, which stems from his failure to condemn similar behavior among GOP colleagues.

It seems incomprehensible to GOP politicians like Rep. Bobert to know that a celebrity like Cuomo would be ousted from his own party after his scandal came to light.

For Bobert and transactional republicans like him, morality is tied to political commitment rather than being a fixed compass for moral behavior.

All the more reason to censure and remove Boibert and others like him as their current leader…

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